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Hello dear friends

You are the bussiness, engineers or students looking for yourself

Sevices and training courses CAD CAM POST CNC.

010020 CADCAM is ready to meet demand for you.

010020 CADCAM has training DVD milling 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis …

And made on  the sofware like Mastercam, NX siemens , Catia, Vericut , Ims post , Icam post.

Besides if you are  having difficulty finding enginners to programmable 4 axis , 5 axis milling sofware such as Mastercam, NX siemens, Catia..010020 CADCAM can help you at affordable prices.

Another part that 010020 CADCAM can introduce to you is …we have sevices for Mastercam, NX siemens, Catia,

Vericut , Ims post , Icam post…

Such as building simulator, 3D surface design ,build POST for CNC machine…all will give you the reliability and reasonable price.

Thank you very much for visting our WEDSIDE

Hung nguyen

Address: Binh Long district, Binh Phuoc provice, Viet Nam Country


Phone: 841673006505