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Hello dear friends….

You are looking for yourself cnc milling training courses.
You want to experience the quality courses, meet the desire to learn and improve knowledge at the same price
As your income.

010020 CADCAM is pleased to introduce to you the CATIA CAM training course for CNC 2D , 3D, and 5 axis milling on DVD.
All courses have practice and references file, .catiav5r21, .step ,.igs file formats.
Courses taught on cnc machines such as HAAS VF2 use BT 40, HAAS VF7 using BT 50, and HAAS UMC 750 5 axis turntable.
You can see right on our introductory slides , which are the features that we will introduce to you.

Please you can see below sildes

And one thing that i want to say with you ..there are 2DVDs TRAINING CATIA MACHINING MILL 2D 3 AXIS on silde MASTERCAM .

Very pleased to serve you.
Thank you very much.