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Hello dear friends…

You are looking for training courses 5 axis or HSM on MASTERCAM 2017

With the full features as introduced on the recently introduced …besides you also want to find a suiable price.

010020 CADCAM is pleased to introduce to you 5 axis training DVD ON MASTERCAM 2017 ,with full features as in sofware are…. All done on DVD , training on the HAAS UMC 750 BC.

We also have training DVDs build and simulated cnc machine on MASTERCAM 2017. Another feature that is indispensable part is the HMS training DVD on MASTERCAM for 2D and 3D milling.

There are all practice files and reference files …are formatted .mcam, .step,.igs,.x_t ,solidworks 2015 , very convenient for you practise …

And one thing i want say here..when you have trouble please contact gmail on video DVD traning ..i will help you forever.

You can see on our slides that are features that we want to introduce to you.

And one thing i want to say here ..when you have trouble please contact gmail on video training ..i will help you forever .

” before you buy DVD on webside please text to me <  >..i will show you how to download it for safe your security information  

Very pleased to serve to you.

Thank you very much.