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Hello dear friends..

You are looking for yourself training courses VERICUT…
You want to experience the quality course , meet the desire to learn and improve knowledge at the same price as your income.

010020 CADCAM is pleased to introduced to you the training course VERICUT 7.4.1
With features built-in cnc 3 axis , 4 axis, 5 axis .And there are all the G code files for the practical part..and the cnc test cruise control features..check collision ,tolerance check,after machining.
All are integrated on 2 DVDs with capacity of about 11 G with about 100 videos.
You can see on our slides that are the content that we will introduce to you.

And you can see below line there are  DVDs TRAINING VERICUT 7.4.1

We look forward to seving you.
Thank you very much.